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The perfect vacation bathing suit

So I may have a major bathing suit addiction…and when I say major I mean Major. Like at least 400 bathing suits. Who in there right mind really needs that many suits… I do!!!! For me I color coordinate with where i’m going and what the decor will be. I recently came across a site called Yandy who has great suits for every occasion. I loaded up on some of my favorites for my recent trip to the desert. You know me, always sporting the sexy one pieces.

Whats your favorite go to style for fun in the sun?


When I bought the yellow suit I immediately thought of what props i could bring that would make the color of the suit pop. Lemons and Grapefruits came to mind and I absolutely love the added element for this shoot.

Best thing about this Yandy Shore Thing one piece is that its super affordable…. $39.95

I fell in love with this material so I ordered a similar white one as well.  You cant go wrong with a white one piece. You can dress it up with a fancy belt, or go boho with a scarf around your head. Ether way white with a tan just does the trick!




This Yandy Seaside Sweet was a little on the sexy side for me…but hey when you’re newly single you gotta just put yourself out there sometimes…even if it in a sexy white one piece. If you’re felling a little risqué or maybe trying to get that pool boys attention then head on over to 


And if you’re looking for that perfect loungy two piece set then this baby is just what you need. Its fashionable, comfy and hella cute! You can purchase the Yandy Sweet Sunrise here ..

Ok….well its off to pack for yet another fun desert trip….Cowboys, PBR Beer and lots of sun here I come  ( Stagecoach for those of you who may not not )


For 20% off of your next Yandy purchase… make sure to use this link



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