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Temps are heating up and that means its time for the bikini shopping to begin

Well, I was hoping this blog post would be started out much differently, and to be honest if I had started writing it in the beginning of the month that would’ve been the case. Just a short 30 days ago I was shopping for my Costa Rica vacation bikinis at Im pretty sure I’ve got at least 300 bikinis in the closet but we all know damn well you’ve gotta get new ones when its time for a tropical beach destination…am I right?

My all time favorite color bikini for a tropical trip is WHITE WHITE WHITE!!! Well, only if you’ve got a bomb spray tan..but I never take a trip without one so. When I saw the White Cap Waves bikini from Yandy I fell in love. Im all about the funky, but fashionable suites that stand out in pics. This high wasted all white suite was the perfect addition to the suitcase for Costa Rica. You can always pair the top with a cute pair of denim shorts if you’re in South Beach for a night on the town.

My month long travel plans got a tad bit sidetracked because of the Corono Virus, so my boyfriend and I packed up the three dogs and headed to my parents horse ranch in Florida to stay a little safer. Well, you better believe I had the perfect leopard print one piece to wear on the ranch. The Cats Meow suit paired perfect with my white skinnies, my cowboy boots and a little denim short. Granted its a bathing suit but I opted to wear it as a bodysuit instead. Figured why not, right?

There’s only so much time you can spend at mom and dads, right? So we got back in the car with the pups and headed to South Carolina to hit up the beach towns and get a little sun, sand and surf. While everyone else was stuck in their little apartments in LA we figured lets at least be beach side while dealing with the craziness. When I think of surf and sand I think of bright neon colors, so the Salt And Lime one piece was the perfect suit to wear on the beach for this 90’s inspired look. It may not be Summer yet but the temps were in the 80’s for a fun day in the sun. It doesn’t hurt that your allowed to have your coolers of beer (White Claws for me) on the beach. Something about being in the sun with a cold cocktail just puts a smile to my face.

Hopefully all of this crazy Corona Virus ends soon so that we can all be vacationing on some tropical beach again but until then it doesn’t hurt to be on the couch, in your PJ’s with a mask on and a glass of wine and shop for some cute suits on

And as always….dont forget to tag me in your IG pictures so I can give ya’ll a little shout out!!! Cant wait to see how you style your suits 🙂







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