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Pampering my way through Charleston

Finally the days of us being quarantined with over grown roots, bushy eyebrows, dirt under our fingernails and crows feet are OVER here in Charleston. You better believe once the lockdown was lifted my butt (which is definitely not in the shape it used to be before all of this) got straight on IG and yelp to start researching all the best places for all my over grown beauty needs. If you happen to be in Charleston and need a little extra pep you’ve gotta try out my favs..


First on my list of places that I HAD to get into asap was Salon Alexandria. If you’re anything like me when I’m looking for a new hair salon I search every hashtag known on the planet to find every salon and every hair stylist in town. You better believe there’s lots of weeding out to be done…but its usually worth it. I fell in love with Salon Alexandria’s IG feed filled with flawless color and insane salon design. Thankfully for me I was able to get in the first week it opened…I’m sure my boyfriend appreciated that seeing my tape in extensions were going 4 months pre quarantine strong. Not exactly a hot look. Avery my stylist did a warm beautiful brunette color on my roots and some new tape in extensions. If you’re looking for a rich brown color that turns head make sure you call and ask for her…



Well, the roots and weave got done so of course the next most important was BOTOX baby! A fresh 25 units of botox does the body good if you ask me. After hours and hours of researching, scrolling and looking through reviews I found a diamond in the ruff. I’ll be honest it caught my eye on IG even before I looked at their work because it reminded me of my days in Bali with the interior of their space. My love for interior design always gets me..can you blame me? BUT….let me just tell you I am so so so freaking happy that I came across Coastal Collectives page because my god are they just amazing in every aspect. Im not going to lie I was feeling a little home sick the week I went in for my appointment. Lets just tell it how it is, I came to Charleston because of Covid and never left. So I’m here with only my friends, zero support system. I walked into my appointment and April the owner made me feel like I had a girlfriend to talk to, to laugh with and more importantly tell me exactly what this face of mine needed. Was such a great breath of fresh air. All that aside..I’m OBSESSED with the botox brow lift that she did..and well lets not forgot about these damn lips. I honestly cant say enough about her work!



Nails, Nails, Nails!!! I think thats was the one thing that bothered me the most with quarantine. I kept seeing all these girls on IG posting their at home Manicures that looked like they were straight out of the salon. Well, let me  just tell you that my at home nails looked like a toddler did them. So when I found The Water Room on IG I was soooo damn excited to get these nasty nails straight there. Being from LA i’m used to the all the posh type places but I was pleasantly surprised to find this extremely posh salon here. Their philosophy is a having a salon that uses all natural products that are good for their clients and good for the planet. The 2 hour mani/pedi treatment was nothing but superb from start to finish.



Hope you guys have a chance to try some of my favs out..slide in to my DM’s if  ya’ll have any places that you want me to try and add to the “Charleston’s Best” list

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