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Oh Coachella how I love you

OK OK I know you’re all getting bombarded with Coachella pictures, but how could you not be obsessed with everyone’s boho hippie vibes. When can you ever throw glitter in your hair like Rainbow Bright? Or wear studded fishnets when its not Halloween? Or frolic under the stars like a total hippie? I mean come on! I know I could look at everyone’s photos for the next few weeks and never get sick of looking at everyone’s festival style.

Just a quick recap of some of my favorites of the weekend….



Credit: Meg_legs

Credit: Travelinhershoes

Credit: Roses_cloud

Credit: Rocky_barnes


And a few pics from my favorite event of the weekend…The Revolve Festival. Revolve is always held at the uber famous Merve Griffin Estate. They certainly out did them selves this year with In N Out trucks, swag galore, performers, Carnival swings, and a TON of photo opps. It was the place to be, and be seen. Every blogger and influencer was there, and was styled to the nines.


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