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My list of Tulum’s Must See

For any beach lover or hippie at heart then Tulum is your place to go. After being there a week I certainly had my favorites. I wanted to share with you guys all the places that you MUST go see the next time you plan a trip there.

Casa Malka aka the Pablo Escobar Mansion. Wow oh wow is this place unlike anything you’ve ever seen as far as resorts go. For one there’s no sign, so we had to ask some of the locals on how to find it. We were told to walk past the famous B hotel and look up to find an old railroad sign and that’s where you would enter. I had only known about this place from the uber famous IG shot that everyone has posted with them swinging on an over sized couch that’s being suspended from the air. Let me tell you its just as big, just as amazing and just as draw dropping as it is on your social media feed. Its the wow factor in every sense of the word. Of course I had to get a few pics of my own. The uniqueness of the resort didn’t stop at the entrance to the resort, it was everywhere. From an old dark purple room that was filled with hundreds of vintage chandeliers and rock and roll photos, to the check in that was filled from top to bottom of reclaimed wood. Even the entrance to the bathroom was filled with an old vintage horse that we remember from our childhood from putting a quarter in for that 30 second ride.
For any young hip traveler this is your place to go and be seen.

We stumbled upon my next favorite place by accident, and damn am I happy that we did. It was a chic hippie paradise. From over sized wicker Tepees that were large enough for a party of 8-10. To the wicker huts that were located on a cliff over looking the water below to the hanging drift wood swings and the best part…a 20 person fire pit with lush seating all around. I loved it so much that we went back there three times and spent a whole afternoon shooting every inch of the property. Its not just a bar and a restaurant but it also has 10 small rooms to stay at. Next time you’re in Tulum do yourself a favor and walk into Bejuco hotel.

For all of you travel bloggers you already know about this next place on my list because you probably have that famous IG shot in “The Nest” of Azulik. From the moment you walk in you feel like you’ve been transported into the jungle. Lush greenery, wooden bridges connecting different areas of the resort, over sized hammocks that lie in the trees 100’s of feet above the ground. I felt as if I was in my favorite movie from childhood, Swiss Family Robinson.

The one night we made it town we stumbled our way into a place called Batey which was filled with locals, hippies and a few occasional surfers that looked like they had just gotten out of their wet suits. You couldn’t hear much of the live music over the constant grinding of fresh sugarcane out of the back of an old VW beetle right in the middle of the bar. Famous for their fruity mojitos the sticks of sugar canes were being juiced faster then you could suck down your cocktail.

If any of you are planning on visiting one of the centotes please please take my word on it and go see Virginia over at Riviera Adventures. Her family has owned land with centotes for generations, she takes you to places that nobody has discovered. Ive been to numerous adventure tours in the area, most being over crowded and personally nothing to write home about. Well I’m writing home about the experience we had with her. Being that it was just us on our private tour she brought us to an actual Mayan Village so we could see how and where the Mayans live. An experience you couldn’t buy anywhere else that’s for sure. I was able to go and meet a women who was making fresh tortillas over the open flames and preparing for a ritual that evening. Families with numerous children running around in their bare feet, dogs barking and rabbits in cages that they raise for food.

Just a small ways down a dirt road from the Mayan village was a hole of pure bliss. Glistening water that was clearer then any spring water you’ve ever seen. The color being something you may have only seen in famous photographs or dreams. This being that theirs not tourists in and out of here day on and day out ruining the sacred land of the cenote. Virginia took time to personally take photos and videos every step of the way. By far it was the best day of the trip.


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