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Tulum with Colibri Boutique Resorts

I knew I was ready for a vacation that included crystal clear blue water and some white sand…and of course drinks on the beach. Seeing my love for Bali is so strong I wanted to find a place that gave me that same kind of free spirit hippie vibe. Well if any of you travel bloggers follow who I do then you know that Tulum has been the place to go this year for those picture perfect social media shots that we all wow over on a daily basis.
Ive been to Mexico easily enough times to count on my hands and toes but never stayed in Tulum. Seeing that we all live on our IG’s I headed there to put in #tulum. Instantly I fell in love and knew this was exactly what I was looking for this trip. Scrolling through pictures of boho decor, shacks on the beach selling fresh green juices, boutique hotels, girls in flowy dresses with flower crowns and oh some many foodie pics that make your mouth water at the site of them.

Being labeled as an “Influencer” means I get to share all my adventures with the world, so I wanted to make sure all my leg work was done prior so I could get every possible picture to share with y’all.  After weeks of research I had the perfect week in Tulum planned.


I partnered up with Colibri Boutique Hotels for the beginning part of the trip. Our first few days were at their resort Mezzanine which is a 9 room boutique hotel that was nestled up on the cliff over looking the ocean. I must say that when I think of Mexcio this would have never of come to mind. If you want a small-scale, thatch-roofed sort of place that offers some proper Caribbean lazing by day — and no question, the sand on Mezzanine’s beach is about as soft and white as it gets, the warm water see-to-the-bottom clear — followed by a nighttime atmosphere that revolves around the beach side cocktail bar, Mezzanine hits the right notes. The hotel claims to have a “hipster vibe,” which is true enough if we take “hipster” to mean, simply, the sort of person who requires something a little more off-piste than Cancun, and who, to put a finer point on it, hasn’t yet retired to something as off-off-piste as, say, the quietude of the Maldives. Walking into the room I was instantly in love with the loft above that was filled with cactus, books, blankets and a gorgeous wicker swing hanging from the ceiling beam above. A dream location for your afternoon siesta.

They only had one restaurant on site that was over looking the blue waters of Tulum. Even though it was a smaller hotel the restaurant filled up with many tourists during the lunch and dinner hours. Its on most peoples list of places to eat in Tulum serving authentic Thai food. We only had breakfast there as I wanted to get out and explore as much as possible.

Our second hotel we stayed at with Colibri Boutique Hotels was La Zebra which is a much larger resort compared to Mezzanine. We checked into a sea view plunge pool suite and it was the total wow factor. Modern concrete floors, showers large enough for a party of 10 (No Joke) simple white linens and a welcome bottle of Mezcal waiting by our private pool.


When you walk off of your private deck your feet are straight into the sand and only a few steps away from their beach bar that was filled with posh daybeds, old wooden shipwrecked boats that were turned into sitting areas and a mixology bar that’s filled with every fruit, herb and spice you could possibly think of.  Let me add that the two bartenders from NY made some of the best drinks of the whole trip, and boy were they pretty. If you’re looking to throw your shoes off, dig your feet in the sand and enjoy the true living of Tulum Beach then this is the place to stay.








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