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In seafood heaven here at Tempest Charleston

Lets just say that all the rave reviews and hype over the newly opened Charleston seafood restaurant Tempest did not disappoint. I’m still over here daydreaming about our decadent meal last week. Ya’ll know I’m a seafood snob seeing my dad was a lobster man on his free time and being spoiled by New England If im still talking about the seafood here you best know that it was darn delicious.

Tempest is known for its sustainable, hyper-local South Atlantic seafood and stunning interiors, Tempest opened in August 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Market Street district. It definitely brings a new “wow” factor to the area with a young and hip crowd, but definitely much more sophisticated than a lot of the restaurants you’ll find in the area. A perfect place for a drink after work, a night out on the town with the girls or that date night with the hubby.

Let’s just get right into the meal, you’ll thank me later.

From the very first dish they brought out we knew we were in for a treat, and yep we were.

Bread and “Sea Butter”


We wanted to taste a little bit of everything so we opted for a lot of their smaller plates. I’m not an octopus fan, tad bit scary looking for my liking but the waiter said it was one of their top dishes so of course I had to try. The thought of me hating octopus went out the window real fast, holy crap this was unreal. Was the perfect texture, melted in your mouth. Was served with fennel and cauliflower puree.


next up…

Chilled shrimp and charcoal roasted king crab. I’ve never seen charcoal roasted seafood on a raw menu so I had to try it, was melt in your mouth delicious. I love when a chef reinvents something so simple such as crab legs. A MUST try!



The waiter told us that their Tuna Bombs were one of their most popular dishes, so duh of course had to order those too. Another example of the chef re-creating a simple dish to be unique and bursting with flavors.

If  you’re wondering if im already full after all this food, the answer is yes but my god how could I leave without trying one of their desserts? Skipping dessert is NEVER an option for me, pretty sure we all know that by now.

We opted for the most gooey and rich dessert on the menu,the Some More. It has Bailey’s chocolate ganache, cookie butter mousse, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker..yummmmmmmm



I saved the best for last, and so dont they. This was the icing on the cake for me.

No, we didn’t order a cognac, a rose or a cigar. The waiter brings this beautiful tray set up to each and every table with their check. Wow wow wow!!!! Now that’s what I call icing on the cake!!

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