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Glamping in what I call a desert paradise

When I thought of glamping in the Sahara Desert I couldn’t have imagined the beauty that I was about to experience. Knowing I was going to shoot in Marrakesh of course I had to rely on the good ole gram to find all the picture perfect places that I just had to shoot at while there doing some collaborations. It didnt take more then a few #marrakesh scrolls to find what I call paradise in the middle of the desert, Scarabeo Camp. For anyone who is looking for that wow factor of an experience you have to add Scarabeo to your list. I promise me you’ll thank me and so wont your IG feed.

From the minute your feet hit the sand dunes your eyes are met with a magical view of
360° views of the Agafay’s barren grandeur and beyond to the snow-capped Atlas mountains. White large tents sprinkled throughout the grounds each with their own private outdoor “patio” with beautiful Moroccan style furniture. The common area which is where you enjoy your welcome tea and take in all the beauty of whats in front of you is filled with beautiful leather pillows, African woven matting, berber rugs, vintage cameras and loads and loads of vintage trunks and suitcases. I wasn’t sure If i was really camping in the middle of the desert or at a high end resort in Palm Springs.

Each private nomad tent has full sized beds with soft white cotton throws, a fireplace, gorgeous Moroccan couches and don’t forget about the full size bathroom with a shower. Like I said before, this isn’t your average glamping experience. I would’ve moved in if I could’ve.

I found myself just sitting outside my tent smiling wondering how I was so lucky to experience such beauty. It was a feeling I’m not quite sure I had ever experienced. I was smack down in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’t have been happier.  It was a beauty only one could dream of.

Being that you’re in Morocco of course there’s Camels everywhere. If you know me you know it breaks my heart to see animals being used for tourist purposes so I didn’t partake in the camel rides that they had at the camp, but I did get to spend some time with these beautiful creatures. Actually, a whole hell of a lot of time with them. How could you not?

One of the best parts of the evening was spent with a room full of strangers in the outdoor dinner room enjoying a feast of Moroccan dishes that were out of this world, not to mention lots and lots of wine. After they served dinner in the common area many went and sat by the outdoor fire pits surrounding the property to gaze at the crystal clear sky filled with what looked like a trillion stars.

If any of you are like me and like to explore then I suggest you wake up early and head half way over the hills to experience a scene straight out of a fairytale. The hill was loaded with hundreds of sheep being herded by a Shepard. When or where could you ever see such a beautiful site? Talk about getting incredible shots for the IG, just saying!


This experience will go down in the books as one in a million!

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