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French Polynesia foodie guide

After 10 beautiful days in the French Polynesia my pants sure are tight but boy oh boy was my stomach happy while gaining the infamous 5 pounds. Per the usual most trips are surrounded by food, food and more food…and of course some good wine. Here’s a few of my favorites that you should definitely  try if you’re planning on visiting.

La Corbeille d’Eau – Tahiti

Remember when you were always taught not to judge a book by its cover, well this would be one of those times. When the taxi pulled into a dark alley way with homeless people passed out on both sides of it my heart started racing wondering where I was being taken to. The cab insisted this was the right place, low and behold its a 6 table quant little restaurant. Three hours later and 7 courses of the most mouth watering meal I’ve ever had. From decadent soup poured table side, to lobster raviolis topped with foie gras, Parrot fish with clams that melted in your mouth, Hen on a bed of the most mazing mashed potatoes one has ever tasted, and filet that was cooked to perfection. The portions were just the right size to enjoy the three courses of desserts that I’m still dreaming of. With a meal fit for a king you’d think you’d be paying a small mortgage but it came to $74.00 US without wine. So do yourself a favor and make sure you make reservations while in Tahiti.



Te Pahu – Bora Bora

Te Pahu is located at The St. Regis hotel which over looks both the pool and the crystal clear blue lagoon. If you’re looking for something a bit more on the foodie side for lunch this is definitely the place to go, but be prapared to pay island prices. A club sandwich went for a whopping $47. I opted for the Mahi Mahi and of course my island favorite the famous Poisson Cru.


Arii Moana – Bora Bora

Seeing you’re in Bora Bora you have to make your way to the swanky Four Seasons Hotel, even if its just to splurge on a fine dining experience. Arii Moana overlooks the beautiful overwater lagoon huts.You have to order their uber famous PAN-SEARED SEA SCALLOPS fresh from the sea and served with leeks, coconut milk and crustacean foam or the LANGOUSTINE TAILS steamed in lagoon water with gnocchi, shimeji, artichokes, green peas, parsley jelly.


And…..You cant visit the French Polynesia without trying Poisson Cru every chance you get…By the 12th one I was pretty burnt out but these were my favs around the island.




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