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Festival season is finally here

Festival season 2018 is almost here! As you prepare to see your favorite artists and celebrate the start of spring, stay ahead of the curve with these fashion and beauty tips.

As the warm sun beats down on your shoulders and music beats fill the springtime air, festival season is the perfect time to let your free-spirit soar. Whether you’re hoping to see your favorite band or the hottest DJ, any experienced festival goer knows that when it comes to these events, your individual style is just as important as the artist lineup. From fashion fads to makeup musts, we’ve come up with your ultimate guide to festival prep for 2018. Here are some styles to keep an eye out for this season:

Elaborate Eyes
If you can forgo the sunglasses this festival season, there are plenty of unique ways to make your eye makeup stand out. From thick liners and revamped cat-eyes, to crystal embellishments and lower-lash emphasis, this year will be all about a dramatic eye.

Golden Glitter
If you want skin that shimmers in the sunlight, festival season is the perfect time to glow for it! From luminous highlighters swept across your cheekbones to body glitter and sparkling eyeliners, glistening gold makeup is definitely having a moment. The most unique way we’ve seen it used so far has got to be the “golden freckles” look that beauty bloggers are talking about. Having perfectly-painted, sparkling speckles scattered across your face may sound crazy, but we have to admit we love the way it looks.


Noteworthy Neutrals
When it comes to big name music festivals, bohemian-inspired looks have become increasingly popular. From floral maxi dresses to ruffled blouses, we encourage you to embrace the boho-chic style that incorporates natural elements and noteworthy neutrals. Whether you’re rocking matte makeup or fringe fashion, you can’t go wrong with pops of earth tones.


Braided Blooms
Speaking of nature, there’s nothing more bohemian than having flowers carefully woven into your beautiful braids. Floral accessories have become a festival season staple, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. From flower crowns that mimic everyone’s favorite Snapchat filter to fresh baby’s-breath delicately laced into your locks, we love the use of floral embellishments as a way to celebrate the start of spring.

Modern Manis
No festival outfit is complete without a fun, modern manicure. From accent stripes to reimagined French manicures, bold colors and metallic hues will be all the rage this festival season. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and express yourself unique polish that makes a statement.


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