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Eating my way through Bali -Food Guide

If there’s one thing I’m good at, like really really good at its. eating. Yep, I said it. I love to eat. No shame in my game. If any one were to ask me whats your favorite thing to do, it’s try new restaurant. Im always on the lookout for every new restaurant in my area or when I travel so of course I had done my research before heading to Bali. I would be at breakfast researching where I’d be going for lunch. Most people who know me say I should be 500 pounds with the way I eat. Thankfully I’m not 500 pounds, but I can tell you a definitely gained an extra belt buckle on this trip. I didn’t hold back, I indulged and just enjoyed on this trip and I have zero regrets, I had some of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had over the first two weeks.

CUCA- Jimbaran

When I came to Bali three years ago I had somehow found Cuca through my modeling agency and it was a meal that I talked about about for months and months after so I had to get on google and find it this time around. Didn’t take much work as it was the best restaurant in Jimbaran then and still was until this day.
Cuca has an open kitchen and a quite open dining room. The tables are separated by a curtain to enjoy your tasting menu in privacy. I had already contacted the restaurant prior so they had set up an amazing tasting menu that was incredible. The meal started with a champagne cocktail with a pink sherbet popsicle laying on the top, to be placed in and swirled around. YUMMM!!!
Ok, lets get on to the good stuff…the meal.


Ulawatu- Warung, Alila Villas 

If you’re looking to have a traditional but unique Balinese meal in one the most beautiful locations in all of Bali then you must must must come and try Wagung. Now, it’s not your typical Balinese street vendor food because it is quite high end and gourmet. You were fist served a large boat shaped platter with numerous dips and spreads that were all extremely flavorful. For the actual lunch portion you were brought out a BIG, and I mean BIG circle platter that was filled with every possible Balinese dish you could think of. My favorite was their fish sate on lemongrass sticks. It was enough food for an army, but was so darn good that not much was left on the platter.

Quila -Uluwatu

If you’re looking to splurge on one meal while in Bali let it be here. From the start to end of this meal was such a culinary experience. Their tasting menu is 10 courses with wine pairings. When you sit down you’re handed a menu with names such as The St. George & The Dragon. When you’re given each course you’re asked to see, smell and hear whats in front of you and guess what menu on the menu you think you’re about to eat. I don’t want to give away any of the surprises but what a unique experience. I will say that the one dish that I was scared to eat because I thought it was raw beef, was indeed watermelon. Things that may look like one thing turned out tot be something completely different. Please do yourself a favor and book a table here while visiting Uluwatu. Its a small 5 table restaurant so make sure you plan accordingly.


SARDINE- Seminyak

If you’re looking for scene with great food then Sardine is the place to go. You’d never know if from the road but once you walk in its a modern and trendy restaurant overlooking the rice fields. You could tell it was the new place to be on any night of the week. Its a great place for fresh fish. I went with the Barramundi and it didn’t disappoint. If I had one more day in Seminyak I would’ve went back for lunch for one helping of the barramundi.


Noaa is located in Seminyak’s most popular area, which meant good food and even better people watching. I knew from the modern and hip ambiance and decor that the food wouldn’t disappoint, and let me tell you…it didn’t.  I opted for a big ole’ plate of angel hair pasta that was to die for. If you’re in Seminyak and looking for a hip restaurant with a modern twist make sure your check out Noaa.



SEA SALT- Seminyak
One of the newer restaurants on the main drag in Seminyak. Its located in the Alila resort on the sand directly next to Potato Head Club. They specialize in local fish with a flair. They won me over with their bread and butter presentation. The waiter came to the table with what looked to be a stone plate filled with lots of sand and shells…I couldn’t quite understand why he was bringing it and putting it on the table until BAM. Out comes a little Ice prick and he started lightly hitting the large sand pile that was in the middle of the platter. Slowly but surely he kept chipping away until a beautiful dish of smoked fish butter was revealed. It had been cooked in salt. Even if you just make it here for apps and drinks, make sure you ask for some bread just to experience that.


You can’t go to Bali and not have a bowl at the uber famous Cafe Organics. I’m sure you’ve seen their photos all over IG of every bikini clad influencer eating a colorful fruit filled acai bowl. The food never disappoints, ad its worth a trip just for the gram.

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