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A new gem of a restaurant in the valley

Well we a know that I’m the first to seek out any new restaurant in LA…sometimes its a hit and others its a major flop. This gem was everything but a flop!!! Not only was it amazing, but its right in my little bubble we call the valley.

Pearl District is everything a foodie is looking for…textures, tastes, colors, name it their dishes had it all. The name pays homage to the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. It’s upscale menu by Chef Richard De Mane offers a diverse selection of New American cuisine that is out of this world.

Looking through the menu there was way too many appetizers that were a MUST try for me…so unfortunately I never got past that portion of my meal. I guess that just means I’ll be back for some entrees sooner than later.

I can always tell how the food is going to be by the bread and butter, and yep I called it. Damn good!!!

So after indulging in not one but two of those beauties above I ordered the Salt & Pepper Shrimp with goat cheese emulsion, palm sugar syrup, marinated apples, pistachios, cilantro. These are flavors that I would never think would go together, but I was wrong, real wrong. Everything paired so well that each bite was just perfect.

If a menu has corn on it, its being ordered. No if’s and’s or butt’s about that one. Their heirloom tomato salad just happened to have corn, bacon, red onion and some that was a no brainer. The portion was large enough to feed a table, but glad I didn’t have to share cause I ate the whole darn thing.

Next course was the spicy tuna tartare with  marinated cukes, red raddish, scallions, sprouts and yuzu-chili vinaigrette and the lobster tempura with dynamite aioli and wasabi tobiko. Both were outstanding and full of flavor.

Yes, by this time of the evening I was in complete and utter pain from eating WAY too much but how could I go there and not order their uber famous wonder bar filled with shortbread crust, peanut butter-white chocolate bourbon ganache, caramel-peanut topping and  salted caramel ice cream. It was gooey and rich and perfect in every way.


My pants may be fitting a tad bit tight this week after this meal but boy was it worth it. Make sure you guys go check out this new valley gem.



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