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A beautiful beach resort in a quaint little town

When you think of beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea this quaint little town was nothing I had ever envisioned. Driving through the country side of what looked to be something straight out of the film “Sounds Of Music” Rolling hills, Vineyards and lots of windy roads (Mind you that we had to drive on the opposite side of the car and the street, not what I call fun) No beach or water in sight for miles, and what felt like hours because you had to drive so slow through the windy roads. I swore the GPS had to be wrong, how in the world could it be telling us that we’re pulling up to the resort when we’re still in the hills, there’s no water and there’s nothing but greenery for what seemed to be for miles. Well, the GPS wasn’t wrong. Making a right into a blind drive, down a windy road filled with flowers and there and behold the Columbia Resort overlooking the most turquoise blue water only most dream about.A 5 star Luxury resort on Pissouri Beach. Walking into the lobby your eyes go straight to the enormous pool that flows into the spa’s indoor pool. Vibrant shades of blue from the water. Lush greenery and flowers surround the perimeter. Lawn chairs are to be found not only by the pool and on the beach but also a beautiful lawn that overlooks the water with a cool ocean breeze.

After being greeted with a welcome drink I went to check out my room, and oh my is it every women’s dream. Im not sure about you but all I have ever wanted was a darn walk in wardrobe closet….well today was my lucky day because I had one. Even if it was only for a few days, who could complain. The bathroom was set for a queen with modern black and white marble over sized tubs, oh and of course heated towel racks. I certainly wasn’t complaining about that.
After searching for a light switch I was yet again blown away, I was transported into the future with this bad boy. Yep, thats the lights for the room. One in the bathroom for all of the lights and amenities, another by each side of the bed to control everything from the shades to the TV. I may need to invest in one of these systems…just for the cool factor alone.

Staring at the beautiful ocean view from my room I knew I needed to go explore what looked to be the bluest water I had ever seen, and boy was I right. I always thought that the Bahamas was the most vibrant color of turquoise until I saw this. It was magical. It was a quiet and quant beach mostly for hotels guests and a few locals that had chairs just past the resort on the black sandy beach. They offered numerous water activities including boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kite surfing and even water trampolines for the kids.

Seeing that you’re on the Mediterranean Sea you have to indulge in the local fair. The Columbia had many restaurant options but I opted for their Tavern which was local dishes. If you know me, you know I’m a foodie so of course I had to order everything on the menu to try. Why not right? My diet starts again next week so I’ll take full advantage of being the pig at the table. I have no shame in the piggy game. I finally ordered the famous zucchini balls that I had been seeing for the past week on other menus and boy am I glad I did. Made me wish I had been smarter a quarter of the way through my trip and had been ordering these bad boys all along. DELICIOUS. One zucchini ball down and I was already on Pinterest finding the recipe. I ordered another local dish that was eggplant, caramelized onions and feta cheese. Just as good as the first.

Remember when I said my diet would start again next week, well I was too full at dinner for the dessert but you better believe that I had one packed up in a to-go container to enjoy in my oversized bath. Whats a girl to do when there’s Hazelnut chocolate cake with homemade cream on top? Exactly!!

Sadly I was only here for a short time, but what time I did have here was spent overlooking the water and being thankful for being able to experience such beauty.

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