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    Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

    Yep, Its that dreaded time yet again…when you walk into the stores and all you see is roses, pink candy hearts and over stuffed and useless in my opinion stuffed animals. Wasn’t it just Christmas like last week? Sure feels like it. I think as we get older the time seems to fly..and fly way too damn fast if you ask me. Well, if you left your Vday buying to the last minute…I got you!!! I found some great last…

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  • Food Travel

    French Polynesia foodie guide

    After 10 beautiful days in the French Polynesia my pants sure are tight but boy oh boy was my stomach happy while gaining the infamous 5 pounds. Per the usual most…

  • Lifestyle Travel

    A little fun in the snow

    Living in LA you get the best of both worlds, the ocean and the mountains. I mean realistically you could surf and ski all in one day, thats if LA traffic…

  • Fashion

    All about the boots

    Im not sure what excites me more about Fall…the pumpkin lattes, sweater dresses or wearing boots everyday. My obsession for boots has become a tad bit out of control, but thats…

  • Travel

    Glamping in what I call a desert paradise

    When I thought of glamping in the Sahara Desert I couldn’t have imagined the beauty that I was about to experience. Knowing I was going to shoot in Marrakesh of course…

  • Fashion

    The absolute must have Summer bags

    If you’re a fashionista or even a plain Jane girl from Nebraska you know you’ve been seeing these must have bags ALL over your IG feed. Personally Im obsessed! My closet…